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470[orthodox-synod] Communist Criminals & the Kosovo Gnat

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  • Orthodixie@aol.com
    Aug 2, 1999
      Here are two timely quotes lifted from the recent edition of National Review.
      I believe them pertinent to the interests of this List. My posting them
      does not, necessarily, signal personal endorsement. Rather, food for thought.

      [begin quote]

      Nobody has yet been brought to trial in Russia for his part in the practice
      of Communist terror. Such was communism, the apologetic argument runs, that
      one and all were simultaneously victims and victimizers; therefore, there is
      no such thing as responsibility. Well, an excellent place to start
      separating the guilty from the innocent is "Gulag," a documentary made by
      Angus Macqueen for the BBC. It bears comparison with Claude Lanzmann's film
      on the Holocaust, "Shoah." Where Nazism is concerned, though, victims are
      easily distinguished from victimizers. Even now, almost 60 years on, there
      are still trials of Nazi criminals. "Gulag," which given the vastness of its
      subject, has to be selective, concentrates on the processes whereby the
      innocent were arrested and deported as slave laborers. In dozens of
      interviews, victims from different backgrounds describe lives wrecked for no
      purpose. Most remarkably, the many KGB officers and camp guards, the drivers
      and railwaymen, express not one single word of remorse for their inhumanity.
      They should be receiving court orders, not pensions. [end quote]

      Perhaps we are all weary of Kosovo news. Yet, the following quote seems apt.

      "Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R.Tex), speaking at Heritage Foundation on
      Kosovo: 'We declared victory when 19 nations outlasted a country the size of
      the state of Kentucky, with a faltering economy and minimal military
      resources ... An elephant was called in to step on a gnat -- the gnat is
      wounded and the elephant is limping.'"


      Fr Joseph Huneycutt
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