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464[orthodox-synod] Re: St. Elisabeth

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  • intrprtr@prodigy.net
    Aug 1, 1999
      Dear Olga:

      At 06:17 PM 8/1/99 +0400, you wrote:

      >Dear Listmembers,
      >Has anybody seen in the Net information about Holy Martyr Grand Dutchess
      >Elisabeth (+1918)? The text in English is requested.
      >Thank you.

      Dear Olga:

      First there is the "New Martyrs Of Russia" web-site, originally created by
      our own dear Mark Markish. Following its "move," it may now be found at
      its new web-address of:


      Also, Fr. Demetrios Serfes has a web-site that is quite good, I would say,
      except for the minor "caveat," noted below. It is much more extensive than
      our brother Mark's and is located on the web at:


      Fr. Demetrios also provides many links to a lot of interesting and
      instructive formation on the rest of the Family, be it elsewhere on his own
      site, or on those of others.

      The only drawback to some (but only =some=) of his material which I would
      see (as I have already mentioned -- and I have expressed my concerns to him
      in this regard, since he has asked for permission, which I have granted,
      for him to use some of my translations on his site) is that he,
      unfortunately, has succumbed to the "New World Order's" masonic
      _dezinformatsiya_ and accepts the so-called "Ekaterinburg remains" as being
      the =genuine= relics of the Royal Martyrs (as, also, alas! do most of the
      owners of the other Royal Family sites to which his is linked) -- although
      I have provided him with much evidence to the contrary.

      I even informed him of the very fact that my maternal grandfather -- who
      was later martyred in a D.P. camp in Germany for refusing to become a
      Baptist (which, alas, many Russian ex-patriates did at the time, thus
      losing not only their Homeland but their Faith as well, and ceasing to =be=
      Russian, in consequence) -- personally saw the Emperor's head being shipped
      by train to Lenin in a jar of preservative liquid.

      Hence, there is =no= way that the Ekaterinburg skull which has been
      "identified" as the Emperor's could possibly be genuine; if it were, then
      there is no way that it could have been found with the other bones. (While
      my grandfather did not see the Empress' head, there were reports that it,
      too, was part of the same shipment.)

      My grandfather used to be a railroad _chinovnik_, wherefore he had not a
      little access to such information, be it through personal observation or
      through written documents.

      Unfortunately, there are some so-called "monarchists" and some "monarchist
      wanna-bes" in our Synod (some of them, members of this List) who pooh-pooh
      such eye-witness information, labelling it "merely anecdotal," and ignoring
      the fact that their approach to the evidence would not only tend to make
      void much court-room testimony -- but, in the final analysis, would
      likewise invalidate their own personal Memoirs (if they ever get around to
      writing them)!...

      These people have done their best to disparage Sokolov's excellent
      investigative work, _in-situ_, back when the trail was still fresh. After
      all, while his work stands unchallenged -- and is bolstered by such claims
      as my grandfather's -- their alleged "identification" of the so-called
      "Ekaterinburg remains" can never be secure. But that is simply
      impermissible! The "New World Order" oligarchy has spoken!

      Since the myths about "Bloody Nicholas" and the Tsaritsa as "consort to
      'Mad Monk' Rasputin" (who was neither "mad" nor a "monk") failed to take
      hold (even after more than three-quarters of a century of propaganda), a
      "new" approach had to be found. The "problem" had to be "unearthed" and
      subsequently "buried" down the mine-shaft of memory. "Out of sight, out of
      mind," after all...

      Hence, almost everything now being shown or published about the Russian
      Royal Martyrs in English spreads abroad the current masonic "New World
      Order" _dezinformatsiya_ "line" regarding the Royal Family, viz. yes, they
      were killed; but, no, there were no "teraphim" sent to Lenin. Anyway, now
      they have had a "funeral" and we can become reconciled to their unfortunate
      fate and "move on" to other, "more important" things....

      Unfortunately for the NWO oligarchs, there are still some people left who
      know the TRUTH!!.... They have not managed to "hoodwink" everyone!...

      Other than the foregoing "caveat," however, I have no added qualms about
      recommending Fr. Demetrios' site. In all other regards, it is extremely
      good -- even excellent!

      With sincere love, in Christ,

      -- George S.

      P.S. -: You might have heard of Fr. Demetrios as the compiler of the small
      book "The Royal Martyr Sisters - Empress Alexandra and Grand Duchess
      Elizabeth," several decades ago.
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