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4637Fr. Paisios on Theology

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  • J. Gabriel Haake
    May 3, 2001
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      The following excerpt about the relationship between theology and the
      mind relates to my previous post about "thoughts" and discernment.
      Hopefully there will be others who will benefit from it.


      A great evil is it when we theologise cold-heartedly with our mind,
      passing off our mind for the Holy Spirit. This is called "encephalogy"
      [theology of the brain], which gives birth to Babel (confusion). In
      theology, however, there are many tongues (many gifts), but all tongues
      are in agreement because they have one Master, the Holy Spirit of the
      Pentecost, and the tongues are of fire. He, who disregards divine
      enlightenment, gives primacy to the mind and creates an impressive
      sermon with beautiful wording, is related to the Arians who believed
      that Christ is a creature of God. We, the Orthodox, believe and
      confess that the Word of God was not created, but was born "of the
      Father before all ages" and was incarnate "of the Holy Spirit" and the
      Virgin Mary and brought salvation to the world. The word of the mind
      does not bring change to souls, for it is flesh. The word of God that
      is born of the Holy Spirit has divine energy and changes souls.

      -- From the forthcoming book "The Epistles of Fr. Paisios," published

      by St. John the Evangelist
      Monastery in Souroti, Greece.

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