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43[orthodox-synod] Re: [jokes] Copywrite explained

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  • Jim Mitrovgenis
    Jun 9, 1999
      >"djw" == Deacon John Whiteford <frjohnwhiteford@...>
      >djw> "I belong to the most persecuted minority in Texas.
      >djw> Everywhere I go, I see signs that read "No Checks Allowed."

      >And Reader Andrew writes:
      >Here in Oklahoma there is a town named Prague (pronounced Prage with a
      long 'a' and a hard 'g' and a thick okie accent - no joke)
      >... Driving through this town I did a double take when I saw accros the
      >street from the NSHIJP a place of lodging for travelers named the "Czech
      >Inn" motel. I didn't stop to czech it out. :-)

      While we're at it, I live a couple of blocks away from Czech Hall Road named for a dance hall on that road in Yukon, OK, which is home to the annual Czech Festival the first weekend in October, which is also the same weekend of the Greek Festival. Czech it out.

      Demetrios Mitrovgenis
      a sinful man

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