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4208Re: ROCOR Bishops outnumbered?

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  • Rev. John R. Shaw
    Mar 3, 2001
      On Fri, 2 Mar 2001 anton111us@... wrote:
      > As for union between ROCA and MP, actually it would of course be the
      > best thing if it could happen in the right way. The real question is:
      > can it happen without destroying the integrity of what the Church
      > Abroad has preserved all these years in exile?
      > Also, there is the very real, though not often-discussed issue of
      > numbers. The Church Abroad is severely outnumbered by the Moscow
      > Patriarchate, so that in any Council we could easily be outvoted.
      > This means that the MP could offer us some very good assurances,
      > leading to a union, that could then easily be rescinded.

      But of course, if something like that happened, the
      "reconciliation" itself could just as easily fall apart--and thus all the
      trouble put into it lost.

      On the other hand, there have also been indications of a growing,
      conservative majority in the Patriarchate itself--as evidenced in their
      Sobor decisions, which are far closer to the positions of the Church
      Abroad than the statements that came out of Moscow just a few years ago.

      It was Dr. Prof Ivan M. Andreev (Andreevsky) at Jordanville who
      once spoke to us of "the Church" as being marked by various viewpoints and
      theologoumena, as opposed to a sect, which was locked into a much more
      narrow position. (He said this in speaking of the Old Testament Church, as
      opposed to the rejection of Christ by the synagogue and the latter's
      transformation into the second, or sect-like, category).

      There was a range of opinions in the Russian Church before the
      revolution, and, traditionally, there always was in the Church Abroad.

      When the Erie Old Ritualist community came into the Church Abroad,
      Vl. Daniel said, "The Russian Church was divided for 3 centuries, but
      today, the pieces still fit together perfectly". It is my hope and prayer
      that we may yet live to see that said of the more recent Church splits.

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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