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  • Fr. Andrew Kencis
    Mar 3, 2001
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      Most of you read the "Confession of Faith" on the Monastery Press web
      site and some of you have signed it. Others have privately written to me
      expressing your agreement but for various reasons have not wanted your
      names applied to it.

      As most of you are aware, it was written before the last Synod meeting
      (in February) in anticipation of the Metropolitan signing a statement
      renouncing certain decisions of the October Sobor. Because of this, in
      its present form it appears dated to some extent. Also there were a few
      passages that perhaps were not clearly expressed. In view of this, some
      revisions were proposed and made to it, though not changing it in
      purpose or in basic content.

      We again invite all of you to read the revised version and include your
      names on this "Statement of Faith" As is stated very clearly at the end
      of the text, "if" this new course continues we will have no choice but
      to not go along with it. Until then we remain loyal members to the
      Church Abroad with no desire to go anywhere or do anything except try to
      save our souls. But we will not betray our Church's foundation and
      confession, nor dismiss its legacy.

      Priest Andrew Kencis
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