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4200Re: [orthodox-synod] Father Konstantin Fedoroff

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  • jeromeleo@juno.com
    Mar 3, 2001
      To my shame, I wrote:

      "Given a choice between an allegedly
      surf-boarding Elder with an accent that may be acquired and a Sobor, I'll
      take the Sobor, any day!"

      I apologize for the sarcasm and personal slight in this. Yes, i would be
      very careful in defending an individual above a Sobor, but I have
      previously decried meanness in others and have now stooped to same
      myself. Please forgive me, esp. if Father himself had to read this. Most
      of my life I had had the unfortunate knack of slipping into un-Christian
      sarcasm when I thought it advanced an argument. It really doesn't. It
      cheapens the truth and cheapens me, cheapens all who must read it, too.

      I am truly sorry and pray for those I have offended.

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