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4194Re: [orthodox-synod] Father Konstantin Fedoroff

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  • jeromeleo@juno.com
    Mar 2, 2001
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      Sometimes reading through all these posts is a very useful Lenten
      penance. Why is everyone so bogged down in the defense or dissection of
      this or that INDIVIDUAL personality. Heavens, I hope the faith does not
      rest on so little. Fr. X or Vladika Y may be fine, or they may be crazy.
      Every church has them, you know. But one along is not always St. Mark of
      Ephesus. Sometimes they are just wrong, priest or not, bishop or not. One
      is tempted to think that many think of these individuals as having an
      infallibility that most RC's wouldn't give to the Pope. That's just not

      The sins of MP are not imaginary, but they are not unforgivable, either.
      Everyone seems to be of the mind that closer union with MP would not
      involve any conversion at all on their part and that is most unlikely.
      Ought not their conversion to be looked for with hope? The only
      unforgivable sin is that against the Holy Spirit, which, mercifully, most
      commentators claim is unknown, speculation at best as to what it might
      be. However, one might wonder if the real trap of that sin against the
      Spirit might not be in resisting the Sobor, where the Holy Spirit is
      deemed to act, so vehemently. Given a choice between an allegedly
      surf-boarding Elder with an accent that may be acquired and a Sobor, I'll
      take the Sobor, any day!

      A further mission here is the presumption that this move be resisted with
      all possible force NOW, and this juncture. Well, this is only the
      beginning. One has no idea how it will unfold. It may be that the project
      will fail and have to be abandoned, will be abandoned. One does not know
      at this point. However, to resist even the ATTEMPT at closer union runs
      at peril with Christ's prayer that all be one. The desire of Christ
      Himself here is paramount and far transcends any human desires. Dare one
      safely deny even that chance of that prayer being answered. I think not.

      Marry the age and become a widow in the next. The roots in history of
      ROCA are valid, but things HAVE changed. Do you really want to insist on
      becoming like the Old Believers? Peter the Great is dead.


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