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4164Re: Bishop Varnava Walls Himself In

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  • achumakov@hotmail.com
    Mar 1, 2001
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      --- In orthodox-synod@y..., intrprtr@p... wrote:
      > Your Eminence,
      > Most-Eminent Vladyko Metropolitan!
      > Venerable Archpastors!
      > Beloved Fathers, Brothers and Sisters!


      > Therefore, I wall off myself, my clergy, and my flock, from those
      who are
      > called bishops, "prior to a conciliar examination" of this new

      ...meaning, all those mentioned above are only "those who are called
      bishops" (but, obviously, in the view of the wall-builder are not -
      see the rest of the Canon that is being quoted for detail), being
      "false bishops openly preaching heresy renounced by the Councils and
      the Holy Fathers" in reality. Quite a remarkable development.

      But why? Apparently, because a commission was set up to study the
      question of unity of the Russian Church, and a letter to Serbian
      Patriarch was writter, assuring him that ROCA is concerned with this
      Quite something, really...
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