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  • by way of Fr. Gregory Williams
    Jan 10, 2001
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      Fr. Leonid Mickle's post began:

      >As the moderator of this list has already underscored, the orthodox-synod
      >list consists of ROCOR members and those well-disposed toward ROCOR. One of
      >our "well-disposed friends," a person one who had already been preparing the
      >field for a schism while she was still claiming to be a part of ROCOR and
      >denying that she was a part of the Suzdal group, now presents an unambiguous
      >Once again, asking your forgiveness for wearying you all with my inchoate
      >Deacon Leonid Mickle
      Far from inchoate musings. Hear, hear! I think it is high time, Fr.
      Mark, to bar such propaganda from this list, whether coming from some
      sort of 5th column within, or from schismatics and/or heretics (how
      much difference is there!) without.
      --Fr. Gregory Williams

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