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3376Re: Anesthetizing our ROCOR Flock

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  • Michael Malloy
    Dec 2, 2000
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      --- In orthodox-synod@egroups.com, hermitage@i... wrote:
      > Dear Miz Olga,...

      > John, monk

      The above makes me very sad. I think this is at least as bad a
      scandal. People are entitled to their views, however trading insults
      via the internet is not in anyone's best interest. Shame on you,
      "John, monk". You lost credibility for anything you may have said by
      starting your message that way.

      I know (Dr.) Olga Dolskaya from her wonderful classes at
      (Jordanville) Holy Trinity Monastery's summer music school. She is
      well informed and I respect her greatly.

      Michael Malloy
      Columbus, Ohio
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