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32[orthodox-synod] Re: Die Musik

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  • don wiley
    Jun 8, 1999
      Father Steven Ritter wrote:

      snip to the end

      > But then again, I believe the Church should go back to its ancient
      chants, >more able to invoke the passionless state the fathers talk about,
      and abandon >the emotion-laden music that has become the norm. I appreciate
      the beauty of >many of our western-influenced compositions, but I also
      appreciate Mozart, and >do not see the difference in the emotions they both

      I heard Dr Constantine Cavarnos speak the same thing, on a tape of an
      address to the Greek Church in Atlanta a couple of years ago. From perhaps
      failing memory, he was speaking to "What's are the Problems which The
      Orthodox Church faces in America today?" And as I recall, spoke to:




      And, almost as an afterthought, he spoke of the music. To the effect that
      the polyphony which had become common was inimical to true Orthodox
      worship. Well, I hated to hear that, because I like the Russian music.
      But, I also like a lot of things which may not be good for me.

      Father wrote:

      > However, most people are not concerned about this issue, and converts in
      >particular are often overwhelmed by the pretty Church music, so I would
      venture that it is here to stay, though in some quarters efforts are being
      made to revive the old chants.
      Well and good. But, when Sts Cyrill and Methodios ventured into the Slavic
      culture, what did they do? (It is an honest question - seeking information.)

      I know that they had to create had to create an alphabet so that the Divine
      Services could be written into the language of the Slavs. Beyond that, I
      know nothing, but I wonder - since they did not try to teach them the
      Greek, did they insist on Byzantine chant? Or did they adopt the familiar
      local melodies to the Orthodox hymns?

      Thank you Father Steven, for your reply.

      Reader Athanasius
      St Nicholas - Fletcher, North Carolina


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