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3054Church dedicated to the Tsarist martyrs

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  • Nikolaj
    Oct 30, 2000
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      Dear Friends in Christ.

      I am most pleased to be able
      to tell you, that in the village
      of Nikolskaya near St, Petersburg,
      a Church has been erected
      and dedicated to the Tsarmartyr Nikolaj
      of Holy Russia !
      The Church is in the ancient, wooden style
      that so pleased the Tsarist Martyrs.

      This is the first Church to be build and
      dedicated to the Tsarmartyr after the canonization
      by the Russian Orthodox Church
      of the Tsar in August this year.
      The Church is called "Tserkov Nikolaya Vtorogo"
      (Church of Nikolaj the second)

      Before the revolution here was another
      Church, dedicated to St Nicholas the Wonderworker,
      but it was destroyed by the godless communists.
      The main priest of this new Church is presently the main
      priest also serving in Feodorovsky Sobor in Tsarskoe Selo.

      Holy Tsarmartyr Nikolaj!
      Pray unto God for us sinners!

      In Christ

      "Do not become a Disciple of one who
      praises himself, in case you learn pride
      instead of Humility."
      (St. Mark the Ascetic)
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