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2668Re: The Greek Festival, Columbus, OH

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  • Michael Malloy
    Sep 4, 2000
      I have a slightly different take on the Greek Festival in Columbus,
      held every Labor Day weekend when the weather is really hot.

      I don't remember in all the years I've attended this Festival
      claiming to be a "Greek Orthodox Religious Festival." It's a fund
      raiser and it makes no pretense to be anything else. It's heavy on
      Greek, er Hellenic, culture. Well, that's "their thing" and they do
      it well. Well enough to fund a $7,000,000.00 undersized replica of
      Hagia Sophia. That's a lot of Baklava!

      In spite of this openly secular agenda they somehow manage to bring a
      few people into the Orthodox faith, such as myself and my wife Susan.
      We didn't enter directly through the Greek Church as some of our
      fellow parishioners did, but they opened the door for us. Once I
      picked up a book called "An Anglican Orthodox Pilgrimage" (Or words
      that effect). It struck a nerve. Within a year I was Orthodox and
      quite happy to be away from the constant revisions and social agendas
      that plague the Episcopal church.

      Speaking as just another "dog under the table" I'd rather be where I
      am than elsewhere.

      This year the Festvial invited a couple of monks from the Monastic
      Brotherhood of St. Theodore the Studite (Mansfield OH, about 50
      minutes north of Cowtown). The monks spend their time at the
      in what remains of the old church, now a small chapel and the church
      Bookstore. In the evening they celebrate Vespers. The simplicity of
      their work is quite inspiring. There are no egos in conflict, no
      fights for center stage, and best of all NO ONE WAS SHOUTING AT GOD.
      There was no spluttering, no impatience. It's the best spiritual
      experience I've had since the last time I was at Jordanville. The
      music was a vital part of the worship but it never once got in the
      way. I wish we could do this.
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