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2667Re: [orthodox-synod] The Greek Festival, Columbus, OH

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    Sep 3, 2000
      God help us. No, it was not a paid advertisement. It was just editorial
      bad taste.
      However, try to remember that Columbus (by its detractors) is referred to as
      "Cow Town." I think that is unkind, even untrue.

      Some years ago, when a Metropolitan Armored Car spread cash out to the winds,
      while it was enroute along the interstate, people parked their cars
      (illegally, of course), and some were heard to exclaim: "Praise the Lord!"
      as they gathered cash and drove away.

      In Columbus, some of us believe God can rain US Dollars from the sky,

      As I said in my article in Christianity and Crisis, concerning the above:
      "I knew nothing about this money shower. I was locked away in the library at
      the Columbus College of Art and Design, at that time. I can prove that!"

      A police officer came along and struck some $10,000 from the hand of one of
      the thieves. That was about all the government got back. But, it was all
      covered by insurance, so it was OK? Right?!

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