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2583Re: [orthodoxjurisdictions] The "Orthodox" Desire Full Communion with Rome

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  • Rev. John R. Shaw
    Aug 1, 2000
      This posting is a good example of what one might call "media
      Thus today others, and on other lists, have posted articles about
      this same meeting showing that the Orthodox had pretty firmly rejected
      Rome's positions.
      One of the participants compared the Orthodox role with that of
      St. Mark of Ephesus--who *did* participate in the Council of Florence,
      and even attended the Latin services; but he refused to sign the document
      that the Latins wanted him to sign.
      If we were to view those events through Patneleimonite
      spectacles, St. Mark of Ephesus could then be depicted as a betrayer of
      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw>
      (1990) and Balamand, Lebanon (1993). The historic meeting included a wide
      > geographic representation, with Catholic archbishops, bishops and scholars
      > from the United States, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
      > Germany, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Poland and Romania taking part. Orthodox
      > metropolitans, bishops and scholars represented the Ecumenical Patriarchate
      > of Constantinople and the patriarchates of Alexandria, Antioch, Moscow and
      > Romania, as well as the Churches of Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Poland, Finland
      > and Estonia.
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