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2554Troparia for Fathers of First Six Ecumenical Councils and Damnation

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  • Daniel Lieuwen
    Aug 1, 2000
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      >There is, therefore, a sense in which Judas was fully active in the plan of
      >salvation, a man whose "work" (however contemptable, in human terms) is no
      >worse than that of the person whom Jesus healed of demons. Jesus said to
      >him: "See that you sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you."
      >And what did the man do? He went out and told the Jewish leaders it was
      >Jesus who had healed him. Thus, he did a sinful thing, and, presumably, "a
      >worse thing" came upon him.
      >Maybe, at the last, even Satan can repent?

      I do not know of any liturgical texts which make statements about
      Judas being in hell, only Arius and Macedonius. Thus, I am not
      sure what this is responding too.

      I like what Bp. Kallistos had to say (paraphrased): it is heresy to
      assert that everyone will be reconciled to God in the end. However,
      we may hope that it will be so. Human freedom means that we cannot
      assert that everyone will be freed from hell---because that implies
      that all must come to love Love. We may hope it, but freedom means
      that we cannot know that this will occur.

      By the way, on another list, someone asked me where the troparia about
      Arius being punished with the Hagarenes appears. Made a quick pass over
      the canon at Matins in the Pentecostarion for the Fathers and didn't
      find it. Does anyone remember where it is?

      Under the mercy,

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