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2489Blaming others

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    Jul 12 6:09 PM
      The woman who responded originally merely points out there are atrocities on
      both sides. To be fair, one has to admit there have been. An atrocity is
      an atrocity, whether or not it is state-sponsored.

      Some years ago, there was a young Israeli living across the street from me
      (in Athens, Ohio). We were talking. He said: "I was in the invasion of
      Lebanon, but it wasn't my fault."

      "And why not?" I asked.

      "I was just following orders," he answered.

      I responded: "We wouldn't let the Nazis respond that way at Nuremburg. You
      can't respond that way, either. You are morally responsible for your own

      "Do you hate me, because I am a Jew?" he asked.

      "Do you hate me because I am not a Jew?" I responded.

      "Of course not," he said.

      "Then why do you suppose yourself to be morally superior to me?"

      No answer.

      We are each responsible for what we do. State-sponsored terrorism is merely
      individual terrorism, with someone else to blame.

      War brings out the very worst in us all. Or, rather, perhaps it produces in
      us the very person we would be, had we the courage to do those things without
      the convenience of blaming someone else.

      Father Andrew