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2461Re: [orthodox-synod] Russian-English Saints' Names?

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  • pwrbarrett@aol.com
    Jul 1 1:06 PM
      In a message dated 7/1/2000 7:58:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      ewriggs@... writes:

      << I referred her to SJoKP and Jordanville for the English and Slavonic
      Liturgical Calendars, but a simple list would be wonderful. >>

      Dear Dr. Riggs,

      It would also be quite a list. The St. Hilarion Calendar lists more
      than 10,000 Saints, and while there's obviously a lot of duplication
      of names, there are a lot of acceptable Orthodox names.

      Especially in the South, it's common to use surnames (Taylor,
      Carter, etc.) as given names. But most of the traditional English
      given names are Saints' names -- Francis and Charles (and the
      feminine equivalents) being two exceptions that spring to mind.

      Patrick Barrett