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2460Russian-English Saints' Names?

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  • Dr. Elizabeth W. Riggs
    Jul 1 4:58 AM
      Dear Listmates,

      Tatiana, a member of the Orthodox Women's list, wrote the
      following to me:

      >>"I would like to ask you a very big favor. I need a list or calendar
      with English Orthodox names or a list of Russian Orthodox names
      translated into English. .... I contacted several priests here and they
      don't have anything like that. My daughter is married to an
      American and they are expecting at the beginning of October. My
      daughter would like to have a list of Orthodox names that are both
      in English and Russian"<<

      I referred her to SJoKP and Jordanville for the English and Slavonic
      Liturgical Calendars, but a simple list would be wonderful.

      If anyone can help her in whole or in part, please post to the list so
      we can all benefit from it!

      And don't forget, I'm still collecting URLs of Orthodox parishes,
      individuals, and mega-sites! :-) But please send them privately so
      as not to clog the list! Once I get the pages revised and mounted I
      will send the URL to the list!