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2371Re: [orthodox-synod] Glorification of Saint Raphael and ROCOR

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  • Steve Lammert
    May 8, 2000
      Daniel Lieuwen wrote:
      > What is the likelihood that the Patriarchate of Antioch will recognize
      > the canonization of "Saint Raphael", given that they refused to endorse
      > it? Until the Antiochian Patriarchate accepts the canonization, I wonder
      > if anyone but the OCA will recognize the canonization.
      > The quotes around "Saint Raphael" should not be taken as disparaging him.
      > He was a very good man. The question is whether 1) he was a saint and
      > 2) whether the OCA really had the authority to canonize him and 3) even if
      > 1) and 2) are true, was this the proper time to canonize him given the
      > minimal amount (that I have seen) of veneration of him.

      Mmph. Well, viewing it as I do from "inside" a small parish of the
      Archdiocese, I would have to agree that one *could* get the impression of
      Bishop Raphael's glorification being something of a top-down affair. Maybe
      I just don't get out much -- or at least, not to the homes of our Arab
      parishoners -- but I don't know anyone who has icons of him about their
      person or their homes, whereas one sees quite a few icons of St. John
      (Maximovich) of Shanghai and SF.
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