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20353Re: [orthodox-synod] Innovations in the para-synagog of OCA

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  • michael nikitin
    Jun 6, 2007
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      Fr. Basil, we already are involved with OCA? In California,
      Vl.Kirill sent a Ukase for everyone in his Diocese to
      concelebrate with the OCA. If the bishop comes to your Church and
      brings clergy from the OCA, Fr. Basil will have no choice but to
      serve with clergy from OCA or leave. You are done, Fr. Basil.

      Fr. Valery Luckianov also has to commemorate Patr. Alexey II if
      Metr. Laurus serves in his parish. But what's the difference
      whether one commemorates the Patr. or commemorates Metr. Laurus?
      They are both one now. Fr. Valery does not want to loose the
      church which he built with beautiful ikonostas and icons.

      Michael N

      --- "Fr. Basil Grisel" <batushka@...> wrote:

      > The frescos were completed in the last FIVE YEARS, please
      > explain that. Theresa of Calcutta wasn't dead more than five
      > years ago.It has not been a Franciscan monastery for oh, let's
      > say almost 20 years.
      > This is just a sampling of the bizarre things that are allowed
      > in the OCA.,,,,and some people think this is normal Orthodoxy,
      > and we should be more involved with them.
      > Fr. Basil

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