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20351Re: [orthodox-synod] Innovations in the para-synagog of OCA

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  • antiquariu@aol.com
    Jun 6, 2007
      In a message dated 6/5/2007 8:15:45 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      batushka@... writes:

      The frescos were completed in the last FIVE YEARS, please explain that.
      Theresa of Calcutta wasn't dead more than five years ago.It has not been a
      Franciscan monastery for oh, let's say almost 20 years.

      This is just a sampling of the bizarre things that are allowed in the
      OCA.,,,,and some people think this is normal Orthodoxy, and we should be more
      involved with them.

      Fr. Basil

      Dear in-Christ Father Basil, Bless!

      Whereas I agree with your point, why pick on the OCA? There are those who
      think "normal Orthodoxy" is defined by miraculous icon fraud and pederast
      priests as well, and before ROCOR seeks out the specks in the OCA's eye, it
      should perhaps get rid of the logs in its own. It's a Russian thing to use words
      like "parasynagogue." Makes it sound intellectual and theologically correct,
      sort of like the Russian/Soviet propensity to create new heresies by adding
      "ism." New Skete is considered an embarrassment to many in the OCA, but
      then again, Blanco -- which was highly and vocally supported by many in ROCOR at
      the time -- was a lot more embarrassing than weird icons and New Age
      priests. And we won't even talk about the slew of other lesser miraculous icons
      which also preyed on the faithful. Let New Skete draw its own brickbats, and
      once we're perfect, we can take up this issue again. For right now, we have
      enough bizarre behavior to fill the books ourselves. We could, for example,
      police protodeacons who publicly lambast their own priests and hiearchs and
      cashier priests who flog weeping cardboard icons while having had the grace of
      the Holy Spirit bless them multiple times with different weeping icons. We
      could cut down on this "false flag" propensity that gives rise to clever use
      of pen-names ranging from Russian obscenities ("Peace Duke") to Moliere ("de
      Bonnefoi") to just plain made-up nonsense ("Mike Nikitin")characters, without
      giving any idea just why they have axes to grind. We could even remove the
      shadow of doubt by eliminating "paramonasticism," to use a neo-Soviet word,
      and cut through the nonsense: you either are an Orthodox monk, or you're not.
      Nuff said. I think we should be more involved with the OCA, and for that
      matter, the rest of Orthodoxy as well. And just consider yourself and your
      parish extremely lucky that you don't have any charlatans and shysters in it,
      as some parishes did.

      Father Basil, you and I met about a decade ago at John the Baptist in DC
      when you were there for some clergy otgovenie; I recall liking the way your mind
      worked. You were still in the process of finding a home, as I recall, and I
      purchased a lovely Gospel (Sofrino) in binding that I presented to an OCA
      priest (Father George Johnson) from Conemaugh, PA. Father George is but one of
      many OCA priests I know who would be at home in either jurisdiction. He's
      hardly innovative, but he's a great priest.

      I still hope and pray -- as do you -- for the unity of God's Church, and one
      of these days, God willing, we'll achieve it.

      In Christ,

      Vova H.

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