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20253Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: One more reason why ROCOR should not be in SCOBA?

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  • Theodora
    May 31, 2007
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      While one may view climate change as belonging only to the scientific
      community I would believe that whereever an Orthodox Priest finds himself
      and his people living and trying to feed themselves belonging to the
      Orthodox community. Once it would be a local condition to that community
      but now it is world wide. If a farmer goes to his Priest and says my family
      is hungry and has no water due to conditions then that Orthodox community
      would help that family. Our family today is the world. Are you saying
      that it is not? That climate change is only in the minds of the scientific
      community? It does not have anything to do with your daily life? Climate
      change is a condition and how we react to it is our moral condition. If I
      am causing pain to my neighbor then I am at fault am I not? I am pleased
      that Orthodox Bishops are concerned for their flock and neighbors. It is
      only political when we hide from responsibility. " Let someone else take
      care of things...I am doing very well thank you" No, we are all on the same
      planet God gave to us. It is our concern.

      It is not a Russian thing, a Greek thing. It is "our thing". I want the
      Church to be labeled "God's Church and caring". Remember when certain
      churches and governments laughed and derided the RCC for giving out iodine
      tablets to people after one country's neuclear disaster? Do not live for
      what you think people will think of you 60-70 years from now but for what
      people and mostly God will think of you at this very moment.

      Theodora in The Mountains

      > I am not advocating one or another position in this scientific debate.
      > I am simply saying that SCOBA is not the forum for discussion of
      > scientific issues and that SCOBA bishops would be better served not
      > making pronouncements on issues for which there is not only *no
      > consensus within the Church*, but *no conclusive scientific evidence.*
      > When the Church begins commenting on science, the Church runs the
      > risk of discrediting itself when that science turns out to be false.
      > Do we want the Church to be labeled "greenhouse-gas theorists" 60-70
      > years down the road when "scientific consensus" changes?
      > A
      > ---------
      > Aleksandr Andreev
      > Intern, St Petersburg State University
      > School of Management
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