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2[orthodox-synod] Test and welcome

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  • Rev Mark Gilstrap
    Jun 3, 1999
      I don't know if the followingtext was sent to each of you or not.

      Test and possible duplication:

      This e-groups based mailing list is a continuation of the 7+ year old
      Orthodox_Synod mailing list hosted originally at Indiana University. It
      remains an interest group for members and friends of the Russian Orthodox
      Church Abroad. All current members of the orthodox-synod list (now hosted
      at geckonet.net) have been subscribed to this new location in order to
      allow for ease in accessing archives, and to increase the simplicity of
      list maintenance and to solve a delivery problem I am having.

      Please begin to use the egroups list address. You may write to me directly
      at gilstrap@.... I have not been receiving any list mail from the
      geckonet server for several weeks now, so please do not try to communicate
      with me through that list address.

      Priest Mark Gilstrap
      hoping to be back in the list loop


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