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19353Re: MP Bishop Accuses MP of Heresy

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  • Aleksandr Andreev
    Mar 2, 2007
      Before jumping up and down about this letter from the Bishop of Anadyr
      and Chukotka, one should read it carefully. It subscribes to the
      ideology of the Russian "far-right", with its contempt of authority.
      This is the same group that continues to talk about the INN (a tax
      identification number) as "the mark of the beast" despite the fact
      that the Patriarch, Metropolitan Juvenaly of Krutitsa, and other
      senior hierarchs have repeatedly stated that it is nothing but a way
      of bureaucratic streamlining (of which, believe me, Russian needs a

      This is the same group that called for the canonisation of Rasputin
      and Ivan the Terrible. Now please tell me whether or not the Orthodox
      Church is an apocalyptic cult that sees the mark of the beast in
      anything new, or a Protestant sect that has no respect for canonical
      hierarchy, or subscribes to some kind hypertropherated
      pseudo-nationalism that glorifies a Siberian drunk or a medieval
      tyrant. Surely this is not what true Orthodoxy is about.

      There are other much more reputable criticisms of the current
      ecumenical movement, including the one by Fr. Maxim Kozlov here:
      http://www.pravos.org/docs/doc243.htm. Their voices are being heard
      and the attitude of the Patriarchate has changed significantly already
      (as we saw at the recent Orthodox-Catholic summit). But I would advise
      taking with a grain of salt anyone who writes a letter claiming that
      the church is not doing enough to fight tax-identification numbers.


      Aleksandr Andreev
      Duke University
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