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1930[orthodox-synod] Re: The newspapers

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  • DCNDIMITRI@aol.com
    Mar 16, 2000
      Glory to our Saviour, Jesus Christ!

      i, a wretched sinner beg your forgiveness.

      i spent the first twelve years of my education in a catholic school. Never
      have i heard of a catholic forgiveness sunday. However, this week for the
      first time, i heard this week referred to as pardon week.

      >We owe them Christian love, but we dare not give them our submission.>

      Well put Joseph.

      Anyone allowing themselves to be referred to as the vicar of Christ, needs to
      be kept at a distance. If Apostle Peter is considered the first pope,
      remember how he asked for the cross to be turned upside down, knowing that he
      is not worthy to suffer the same death as our Saviour, therefore,
      annihilating any possibility of the reference to as the vicar of Christ.
      This should be the example for all the following popes.

      In desperate need of your prayers, i am,

      yours in Christ,
      the unworthy and sinful
      deacon dimitri
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