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19094Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: ROCOR and Moscow Orthodox Mother Church joining together,

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  • Carol
    Feb 2, 2007
      Dear Fr John,

      Am surprised that someone as yourself, would stoop so low as to correct ( publically) peoples spelling.
      First of all, I am the one who wrote 'anotherwards', but am not the one who wrote about the Russian 'friend', so you were speaking to TWO seperate people at once, only correcting, MY spelling, not my words.

      In my writing, I said, that I was NEW to Orthodox faith and ASKED questions did not STATE anything about the 'friend' but that from my understanding in the future we could end up joining the ecumenical movement. The 'thoughts' were similiar, but the speakers entirely dfferent. This was my concern, and I made that clear. I wondered what others thought on this matter...

      Be careful whom are are answering in the future. The spelling is not half as important as the 'meaning' of the words spoken. AGAIN, I am not the same person who wrote BOTH , so YOU evidently are misinformed on the person to be corrected, unless you were trying to answer TWO postings, at once?.

      Besides this other person was just , I believe, making a point of something, they BELIEVED to be true from WORDS of someone else, not their own.

      You are forgiven, by me anyway, for your 'public' correction on such a personal account as spelling. When I joined this group I did not join to have people correct my spelling, I am not in class. You may e-mail me in 'private' to correct me, though. I can accept criticism, do not mind at all, but this kind of criticism is not called for on this PUBLIC site. Maybe the topic, is TOO HOT for you, but we cannot help that, we are only asking questions from people who we think may be more informed,. From now on I will ask my spiritual father the Dean of the monastery/seminary in which I attend church. Or even the priest who is a teacher, at the seminary and my husbands, godfather. I will not bother to post here, to have spelling corrected, as to 'bring someone down' ( He will be coming soon, to bless our home.)

      May the Lord shine His blessings on you.

      In Christ,


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      From: Fr. John R. Shaw
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      Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 10:56 AM
      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Re: ROCOR and Moscow Orthodox Mother Church joining together,

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "johnswensen12" <johnswensen12@...>

      > I have a friend in the Russian Church Abroad who told me that the
      > Moscow Patriarchate was "in Communion with the Roman Catholic Church"
      > ... How should i respond to my friend who
      > thinks that our Church is making a tragic mistake in joining with the
      > MP for this and other reasons?

      JRS: What you quote your friend as saying, is simply misinformation.

      It may be that some priests admit non-Orthodox to communion (but with large
      congregations, non-Orthodox who know how to behave may simply not be spotted).

      That some Russian clergy, including even old-time ROCOR clergy, could tell their
      parishioners it was permissible to communicate in Roman Catholic or other churches, is a
      long-standing problem.

      There are far too many ROCOR laity who also believe that "God is the same for everybody",
      and therefore smile upon their children marrying non-Orthodox and raising their posterity
      outside the Church.

      But, when people say that, one can also remind them that "Satan is also the same for

      > --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "weaver322001" <weaver32@>
      > wrote:
      > > churches including the church of Rome, anotherwards ...

      JRS: If you look in the dictionary, you will find that there is no such word as

      It's a misspelling for "in other words".

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw

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