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19084ROCOR and Moscow Orthodox Mother Church joining together,

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  • weaver322001
    Feb 1, 2007
      I am rather new as Russian Orthodox, but from my understanding, I think
      that the church of Moscow is interested and willing to join other
      churches including the church of Rome, anotherwards ecumenical
      beginnings will be surfacing. So if this is the case, then I guess we
      will not be the ROCOR church who stood alone for so many years not
      wanting to give up the 'truth' of our tradition and scriptures, as we
      will be somehwat infiltrated with other doctrines?? We know Rome church
      has some beliefs the same, but of course we know the differences, and
      what they have changed over the years, and why the schism happened in
      1054 to begin with. Our differences in belief of sola scriptura with
      Protestantsalso will be something that would need to be ironed out if
      this happened I would think? Where will we be in the future? Will this
      start a one world order and gov't and religion?

      Just asking. As being new to it all, just a couple years baptised, I do
      wonder, but guess I should ask my spiritual father first, but thought
      maybe someone here could shed some light on my worries? Am also just
      one day new to this site,, am glad I found you, as it is good to have
      others on this journey of faith and many who certainly understand much
      more then I.

      In Christ,

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