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  • DDD
    Jan 28, 2007
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      On Fri, 26 Jan 2007 18:38:58 -0000, maestro_vg wrote:
       I am waiting on  the  Lord in this situation. I can't lie to myself in what it clearly
       apparent about the Patriarch, the Patriarchate and the regime......."


       unworthy proto from Canberra-- ....then the "turncoates" and "uniates" together with the
       KGB agents in cassocks b

      1) You are waiting on the Lord? And wasn't the Lord there at the Fourth All-Diaspora Sobor, and the subsequent bishops' decision? Wasn't that how we learned the Lord's will? Did we not pray for the Lord's will to be done there?

      2) You can't lie to yourself.... Are you saying that our bishops are lying? Or that your vision about the"Patriarch, the Patriarchate, and the regime" is clearer than our bishops' vision?

      3) Are you calling those who remain faithful to Metr. Lavr, the Fourth All-Diaspora Sobor, and the Bishops' decision "turncoates and uniates"?!

      4) Are you calling all clergy in Russia "KGB agents in cassocks"?!

      --Dimitra Dwelley
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