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1895[orthodox-synod] Re: The newspapers

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    Mar 12, 2000
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      One of the saints said: "I am worse than a dog. A dog is always loving and
      does not judge."

      Forgiveness must always include asking for forgiveness, as you suggest.

      I recall when, years ago, I had a letter in "Dear Abby." It was intended to
      be an amusing swipe at those who want to call everyone "Reverend."

      I said: "Protestant ministers should be called 'Mr." unless they have
      doctorates. In which case, they should be called 'Dr.' Priests are always
      called 'Father.' I don't know what we should call the new Episcopal
      priestesses. How about 'mother'."

      Abby replied: "It will never fly in Peoria."

      Abby later published a letter from a Lutheran ministeress. She said:
      "Father James, I forgive you for not loving me."

      I responded to her, privately "You cannot forgive me for loving you. I do
      not repent. Even God cannot forgive what is not repented, and I cannot
      repent for something I have not done. I CANNOT love you. I don't even know
      you! See why women should not be made clergypersons?"

      One must not mistake Republican politics for the Holy Orthodox Catholic

      Father Andrew (who is in the same city as you, as I recall)
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