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1884[orthodox-synod] Re: The newspapers

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  • Robert Miller
    Mar 11, 2000
      In all the years I was Roman Catholic before discovering Orthodox
      Christianity, I never heard of any Forgiveness service at all. So that is
      why I'm simply quite skeptical about this grand gesture Pope John Paul II
      and some R. C. leaders elsewhere is making. It seems to me he can want
      nothing more than to show that he can do things that look Orthodox/orthodox
      too. This gesture certainly has a Papist hook in it somehow. And let there
      be no doubt, any Orthodox leader who casts doubt on the Pope's intentions
      will certainly be stoned for ingratitude and 'lacking love.'

      Joseph Miller
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      > > > On Sunday, the pope plans to express regret for the
      > Crusades, the Inquisition and other "faults of the past."
      > > >
      > >
      > Is the pope also going to ask forgiveness for the
      > genocide of more than 700,000 Orthodox Christians
      > during WWII and the actions of the Ustasi?
      > -- or do we have to wait for all the perpetrators to be
      > dead 1000 years before he can apologize?
      > I haven't heard anyone comment on this -- was this
      > Sunday specifically chosen because of the signifance
      > for Orthodox to ask forgiveness on this day -- (or is
      > there also a forgiveness sunday in the roman church?
      > Forgive me a sinner,
      > Carol
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