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1879[orthodox-synod] Fwd: (Jericho) HUMAN RIGHTS CAUCUS

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  • Natasha Mulligan
    Mar 11, 2000
      Naturally, writing to our members of Congress only applies to those on this list who are represented in the U.S. Congress.  The Human Rights Caucus is a part of the U.S. House of Representatives.
      I believe we are being asked to use the political mechanisms of our country to bring the situation in Jericho to the attention of people who can effect change. It is a valid and effective way for the ROCOR to be heard, in my opinion.  I am very glad that there are members of Congress who are willing to champion this cause, whatever their personal motivation for doing so. 
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      I am sorry, but I dont have a "congress-peson"
      And what have "Human Rights" to do with the Holy Orthodox Church and her teachings?
      Yours in Christ
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