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18587To the clergy of the New York-New Jersey area

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  • Fr. Basil Grisel
    Dec 1, 2006
      Dear Brothers in service to Our Lord Jesus Christ,

      Christ is in our midst !

      Our parish will host a male quartet from St. Petersburg, coming to perform a concert of religious and secular music over the weekend. I have just learned that the choir has an opening to perform on Monday evening, and Tuesday evening. On Wednesday they are slated to perform in New Jersey somewhere. I'm trying to help them make their stay in America as profitable as possible.

      I know that this is late in coming, but if anyone has an opportunity to host a concert it would certainly help. I am paying them a stipend of $ 500.00 to help them. Whatever is possible, I am sure they would be grateful.

      Thank you ! A blessed Nativity Fast !

      S Bogom,

      Father Basil Grisel
      Holy New Martyrs of Russia Church,
      Norwich, CT

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