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18364Re: The Vanishing Russians Parts I-III: What Responsibility Has the MP Taken?

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    Nov 4, 2006
      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Woodson" <singingmountains@...>

      > Fr. John, that's your take. I said "throw these counterfeits off,"
      > which refers to the counterfeits among them. You generalized it to
      > all, something I did not do. That was a mistake, or, yet another spin.

      JRS: You seem fond of accusing us of "spin" and of misrepresentation of the facts, and of
      all manner of things you do yourself.

      If only some of the clergy in Russia are "counterfeits", how do you claim to know which is
      which, when you seem to gain all information from American newspapers?

      And who is supposed to decide that in Russia?

      In any case, revolutions and overthrowing of bishops and priests by the laity is not
      accepted in the Orthodox Church.

      If a cleric is guilty of some specific offense, he can be tried before an ecclesiastical court.

      > Why haven't you responded about MP Bishop Clement's admission to the
      > Episcopal Church in New York in 1998 that the Soviets had destroyed
      > the Orthodox hospitals or commandeered them, and needed to be rebuilt?

      JRS: I do not read everything you write. I believe in getting to the point, and keeping my
      remarks as concise as I can.

      In 1998, he was already Archbishop Clement.

      As for his remark as quoted, obviously it's true: the Church's hospitals, that it had before
      the revolution were all taken away from it, and today they are being gradually rebuilt.

      > What are the names, locations and dates of Orthodox Christian
      > hospitals rebuilt since 1992 when Bishop Clement said Perestroika had
      > opened the door? Really, point them out. I can't find records.

      JRS: Two suggestions:

      1) Learn to read Russian, and

      2) follow the daily accounts of these things at the several MP websites.

      > Why was Bishop Clement in New York thanking the Episcopalians
      > (protestants) in the first place?

      JRS: Who knows? Who cares?

      Our own bishops (among them, Patriarch St. Tikhon) did that often enough in times past.

      > By speaking ill of the protests of protestants, do you imply that the
      > Roman Catholic Church was in their right not to be protested against?
      > Just sit there and let them burn folks to death? Don't protest? Don't
      > speak up?

      JRS: What has that got to do with the time of day?

      > The USSR got so many people so sick with the pollution, neglect, and
      > indifference to human life, that Putin knows it would be easier just
      > to let entire generations die off than it would to take care of them.

      JRS: There are some writers on the internet that make ME sick, you know...

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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