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  • David-Constantine Wright
    Nov 3, 2006
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      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Fr. John R. Shaw"
      <vrevjrs@...> wrote:
      > However, the central authority of the Church of Russia remains as
      > a "court of appeal" in disputed matters.

      Excpet that's not what the document says. The Act makes it clear that:

      1) Election of the First Hierarch must be *approved* by the MP.
      2) Election of all bishops must be *approved* by the MP.
      3) All decisions of the Bishops' Sobor must be *approved* by the MP.
      4) All decisions of the MP are *binding* on ROCOR.

      That's not a court of appeal. That's being under the MP.

      Fr. Anthony Nelson's comment concerning the Self-Ruled Anticohian
      Orthodox Archdiocese of North America comes to mind. Fr. Anthony
      wrote: "If the Patriarchate of which the so-called "self-ruled"
      Antiochian Archdiocese is a part (not "self-ruled" at all, as a
      matter of fact...just more tweaking of the language to satisfy a
      powerful - and wealthy - party within the Archdiocese) of a Local

      These Acts are just "tweaking of the language" to make it seem as if
      ROCOR is independednt. I guess you're happy with that. But no one
      should *ever* be in doubt as to what this will actually mean.

      In the Joy of the Fleshed Lord Jesus,
      Rd. David-C

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