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18339Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: The Vanishing Russians Parts I-III: What Responsibility Has the MP Taken?

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  • George Edward Green III
    Nov 2, 2006
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      On Nov 1, 2006, at 12:57 PM, Mike Woodson wrote:

      > Rather than engaging in false analogies with the Clinton
      > Administration's internationalist era, and absolutizing ALL Serbs as
      > angelic beings with no responsibility for what they've done in Europe
      > and the Balkans, and, sliming ALL Western journalists in general, why
      > don't we put the absolutizing of human behavior aside and turn off the
      > fog machine. Also, let's not engage in dueling hypocrisies of extreme
      > claims, either. To do my part, I'll keep citing hard data, since I'm
      > not a clairovoyant.

      This reads like the major media apologetics for the Albanian Muslims
      in Kosovo.

      The genocide of Muslims in Kosovo and Serbia, etc were MADE UP. It's
      been proven there was no genocide, plans for genocide, nor apparent
      interest in genocide.

      I do not see how any Orthodox Christian could come to the defense of
      invading Muslims who have killed Orthodox Christians and blown up
      churches at a consistent pace since this began.

      Serbs may not be angels but they were certainly trying to defend the
      historical religious center of their nation from an invasion by
      Muslim terrorists. Terrorists who've setup a heroin and human
      trafficking hub in Kosovo since.

      Me thinks you should check out:

      Also there is a book on the Orthodox Christian Heritage of Kosovo
      which you can purchase in the bookstore in Jordanville.


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