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18310Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: The Vanishing Russians Parts I-III: What Responsibility Has the MP Taken?

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  • V. Boitchenko
    Nov 1 7:58 AM

      First of all, I must say I am amazed at the amount of text you produce in your posts. I work five days a week and I really have no time for this. I apologize.

      You must agree that if the author is biased a certain way then even if the information is factually true, the conclusions drawn from it are most likely to be biased at best, if not entirely false. You must also understand that half or incomplete truth is nonetheless truth. To be frank with you, I don't think there is anything in those articles that I don't already know. It is only a matter where the author puts the accents. Russia is not an ideal society. I know that. I am aware of the problems. However, I don't see how a church that was persecuted for over 70 years is now, all of a sudden, guilty of all the social, political and demographic problems in the Russian society. I don't see how it would be spiritually beneficial for me to read more Russophobic ravings, get aggravated and try to argue with author. I am also under impression that you are preoccupied with Russian politics, while the path of the Church is really beyond politics. We are not seeking unity with the Russian government but with the Orthodox Church in Russia.


      >Viatcheslav, I would take the opposite approach. Read the reports and then cross
      >check the factual representations with other sources. I did that. By
      >the comments that immediately came out of the usual corners, I could
      >tell that they were not made having carefully read the reports or
      >checked on the data referred to in them...

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