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18307Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: The Vanishing Russians Parts I-III: What Responsibility Has the MP Taken?

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  • michael nikitin
    Oct 31, 2006

      A major marker of a new state religious policy became the
      September 4, 1943 meeting which took place at Stalin's dacha with
      the participation of Georgiy Malenkov, Lavrentiy Beria,
      representatives of the NKGB. Questions of opening parishes,
      spiritual educational institutions, release of church
      publications, election of a new patriarch, etc. were decided at
      this meeting. Stalin and Molotov and Metropolitans
      Sergiy(Stragorodskiy), Alexiy (Simanskiy) and
      Nikolai (Yarushevich) summarized the results of the discussion at
      an official night-time reception in the Kremlin. In September
      1943,a special state organ was created - the Council for Russian
      Orthodox Church Affairs, headed by Georgiy Karpov, a colonel of
      state security.


      --- "Fr. John R. Shaw" <vrevjrs@...> wrote:

      > --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "michael nikitin"
      > <"Peter Andreev"> wrote:
      > >
      > > Fr. John explains to us there were very few Churches open in
      > the Soviet Union. He is correct. After the MP was created by
      > Stalin,Stalin picked HIS patriarch, HIS bishops, HIS clergy and
      > created HIS "Church" the MP. And it has been functioning to
      this day with these clergy who are picked by the regime for their
      > JRS: Of course, Stalin did not "create" the MP: he simply
      > lessened the persecution, when he
      > needed all the popular support he could get during World War
      > II.
      > The current Patriarch was elected, if anything, democratically,
      > after the repose of Patriarch Pimen in 1990.
      > In Christ
      > Fr. John R. Shaw

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