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17780Re: Magerovsky speech at Secretary of the ROCA SYNOD 10 year "chestvovanie"

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  • Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko
    Sep 7, 2006
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      Yes, I was indeed very serious, and no, I was not at all being

      Mr. Preobrazhensky has claimed that his father was a KGB agent who
      raised him an Orthodox Christian and that he a KGB agent worked
      inside the KGB to help the church, or what ever he claims he did to
      remain an Orthodox Christian during the Soviet era. Yet he adamantly
      proclaims "KGB always KGB" and does not allow for Orthodox Clergy of
      the Moscow Patriarchate to have done what he claims for his father
      and himself. All Moscow Patriarch Clergy are KGB to this day by his
      reasoning and witness. Yet in today's Russia Monastic communities
      grow, Churches are built, the New Martyrs and the ROYAL FAMILY
      glorified, religion and religious publications available to all and
      on and on....

      Dr. Magerovsky is very tightly affiliated with Government think
      tanks forming the opinions of Government agencies that make State
      Department policy based on his and like minded individuals promoting
      the Russo phobic continued policy of the United States against the
      Russian Federation struggling to get a foot hold after the down fall
      of the militantly atheistic Communist Soviet Regime. Most others
      Poland, Latvia, Lithuanian, Estonia, Czech Republic and others are
      supported and buttressed promoting anti-Russian agendas, while
      Russia is conspicuously not supported.

      Ukraine and the millions pumped into it during the Orange
      Revolution, which was done to insure that those who understand
      Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to be the manifest destiny of an
      Orthodox Slavic Nation (as Imperial Russia was) would have no chance
      in their country's policies; reveals quite clearly the interests of
      the US State Department, and its willingness to support Moslem
      Albanian terrorists (this is evident in Kosovo to this day!) and
      Moslem *Chechen terrorists (read "Chechnya Weekly" editor John
      Dunlop) and Moslem Asetian separatists/terrorists (the whole US-
      Georgian adventure) in the measures proped up against a strong, free
      Orthodox Russia or any Orthodox Slavic unity.
      Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, Anna Voellmecke <anna@...>
      > At 02:07 PM 9/7/2006, you wrote:
      > >No I was not.
      > Which? You were asked an "or" question, so "yes" and "no" are not
      > possible. answers.
      > Anna V.
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