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17769Magerovsky speech at Secretary of the ROCA SYNOD 10 year "chestvovanie"

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  • Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko
    Sep 6 9:40 PM
      Dr. Eugene L. Magerovsky, Ph.D. (US Military), Mr. Konstantin
      Preobrazhensky, retired KGB lieutenant colonel ("KGB always KGB" or so
      he himself has said! /debrief CIA) and Ambassador John Herbst (State
      Department) are three government agents who have attempted to
      influence the Church Abroad to interests other than purely Church
      related and Spiritually founded, how sad this is ...after decades of
      State intrusion into Church Affairs in Soviet Russia, here in the free
      Western World the State encroaches on the CHURCH. The Bishops of our
      Church have the DUTY and the MORAL OBLIGATION to guide the faithful as
      they, as CONCECRATED ORTHODOX BISHOPS, see fit and correct, these
      laymen certainly have their right to express their personal opinions
      but they have no Ecclesiastical Authority to intimidate or RULE OVER
      Archpriest Stefan Pavlenko
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