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17687Re: The MP, the ROCOR and ecumenism

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  • Mike Woodson
    Aug 16, 2006
      Dear Bratislav,

      Thanks for your response, and those are fair and reasonable questions.
      It really isn't my call for repentance alone, it was St. John
      (Maximovitch) of Shanghai and San Francisco.

      Here is the sort of repentance St. John expected of the hierarchy of the
      Moscow Patriarchate, and a passage to the proceedings in the 8th Century
      to which he refers as an example:

      Remember what St. John Maximovitch envisioned as the repentance of those
      in the Moscow Patriarchate who collaborated with pain and reservations
      with the Soviet monstrosity. He wrote:

      "The Lord God, Who preserved seven thousand men who did not bend the
      knee to Baal in the days of Elias, today also has a multitude of His
      servants who secretly serve and pray to Him throughout the whole expanse
      of the Russian Land. Even among the hieararchs outwardly subject to the
      Soviet Regime, many are inwardly tormented by this; when the opportunity
      comes, they will act according to the example of those at the Council of
      Chalcedon who declared with tears that they had given their signatures
      at the Robber Council under coercion, following the example of the Most
      Holy Patriarch Paul, who was tortured by his conscience and took the
      Schema in recognition of his weakness under the Iconoclasts."

      --from The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad: A Short History, p. 37.

      And when the wondrous St. John said St. Paul took on the Schema, what is
      the story behind that? Read here:

      "For, when the most holy Patriarch Paul, by the divine will, was about
      to be liberated from the bands of mortality and to exchange his earthly
      pilgrimage for a heavenly home with his Master Christ, he abdicated the
      Patriarchate and took upon him the monastic life, and when we asked him,
      Why hast thou done this? he answered, Because I fear that, if death
      should surprise me still in the episcopate of this royal and
      heaven-defended city, I should have to carry with me the anathema of the
      whole Catholic Church, which consigns me to that outer darkness which is
      prepared for the devil and his angels; for they say that a certain synod
      hath been held here in order to the subversion of pictures and images
      which the Catholic Church holds, embraces, and receives, in memory of
      the persons whom they represent. This is that which distracts my soul --
      this is that which makes me anxiously to enquire how I may escape the
      judgment of God -- since among such men I have been brought up and with
      such am I numbered. No sooner had he thus spoken in the presence of some
      of our most illustrious nobles than he expired."

      --from The Imperial Sacra. Read at the First Session. (Found in Labbe
      and Cossart, Concilia, Tom. VII., col. 49.) page 531, with permission
      from Medieval Sourcebook: The Second Council of Nicea, 787 AD:



      It seems to me that if praying at St. John's place of repose during the
      All Diaspora Conference was an important act of consultation, how
      important was it to follow his counsel as written? The Holy Gospels in
      which the Lord asks his disciples, "Why do you call me Lord, Lord, but
      do not what I say?" applies, except that I could wonder whether St. John
      of Shanghai and SF is wondering, why do you call on me for consultation
      but not listen to what I have already counseled on this matter of the
      repentance of the Moscow Patriarchate hierarchs?

      Why no one responds to what St. John said on this, because it cannot be
      avoided that they are disregarding the actual saint when seeking his

      your brother,

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, Bratislav Peplinski
      <bratislavbrad@...> wrote:
      > Dear in Christ Mr Woodson,
      > You write below that you will oppse the MP untill "its political
      hierarchs resign in penance". Such a demand seems out of character for
      you, who so highly values the privacy of ones spiritual status. You
      realize that you have no authority or right to decide who needs
      penances, let alone what the penances should be. What any particular
      Bishop of Christ repents of (excepting, perhaps, heresy) is between him,
      his spiritual Father and God. And it is also between these three that
      any penance will be decided upon, whether or not you happen to think it
      a just enough penance to "fit the crime".
      > Also, I've read your views about "waiting on the Lord" when it comes
      to the Mp. But do you think it even possible that while you are "waiting
      for the Lord" to start His work, He is already in the midst of it,
      waiting for you to join Him?
      > Your brother,
      > Bratislav

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