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17681Re: The MP, the ROCOR and ecumenism

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  • Mike Woodson
    Aug 15, 2006
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      Dear Rev. Fr. David,

      Our exchange was not over semantics. May God resolve the distance
      between us by His Truth, and have mercy on everyone subject to this
      current deception coming from the MP and filtering its way through men
      who easily give sway to authorities for authority's sake.

      Thank you for saying 'God forgive you,' as I need God's forgiveness.
      However, my conscience is not troubled by opposing the powerplays of
      this Moscow Patriarchate until its political hierarchs resign in

      Too many want to be on the winning team no matter whether the team is on
      government steriods or not. For the MP it is clear: the Holy Church,
      and her Holy Mysteries, is not enough. Waiting on the Lord for change
      is not enough. There must be worldly commissions, conferences and
      political intrigues.

      The worldly agenda is about appearances, and will not permit the sort of
      confessions and actions that the hierarchs of the MP need to make to be
      truthful about their ongoing role in Caesar's affairs, failing to obey
      the Lord Jesus Christ and embezzling time and energy from His House of
      Prayer to feed Ceasar's petulant demands. This spirit that believes
      that the Church is not enough is or is like the one that deeply poisoned
      Rome and led it to exemplify the schism that bred many more, and brought
      yet more war and bloodshed.

      Glory to God in the middle of this mess. God will steer the Ark and
      deliver the Church.


      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Archpriest David Moser"
      <moserd@...> wrote:
      > Mr Woodson, you chose to state that Fr Alexander holds a position that
      > he does not, and further you imply that such a position is somehow not
      > desirable. I answered you in that spirit. If you want to pick apart
      > the semantics of a comment - please go right ahead, but that doesn't
      > change the fact that both the ROCOR and the MP are parts of the
      > Russian Church and that for both of us the welfare of the whole
      > Russian Church should outweigh our own petty politics.
      > I have seen the reality of the IV All-Diaspora Council distorted
      > beyond belief into an account of something I don't even recognize as
      > having been a part of. I have seen those who truly love the Russian
      > Church and who have worked to the limit of their own strength on her
      > behalf slandered and twisted and misrepresented. You and many of
      > those who have become your allies and advocates have taken something
      > beautiful (the true sense of sobornost and oneness that we experienced
      > at the Sobor) and defaced it - Lord have mercy. I assume that you too
      > love the Russian Church, however, your "defense" of her seems to be
      > worse than the alternative - but God knows. Please, if you feel it
      > necessary, continue to slander me, to slander the senior clergy and
      > our hierarchs who have been given the responsibility to find the truth
      > of the matter - but just because you continue to act in this vein
      > doesn't make it right and doesn't make it true or right or good.
      > May God forgive you - and for my part can I do any less.
      > Archpr David Moser
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