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1768[orthodox-synod] Re: Auschwitz

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  • Joseph Digrande
    Feb 7, 2000
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      The Armenians are not Orthodox. In Papadakis's book-
      the Christian East and the Rise of the Papacy he
      traces an interesting dialogue during the time period
      1071-1453 when they almost worked out their
      differences with the Orthodox. They occupy pretty much
      the same position vis a vis the Orthodox that the
      Coptic Church does although the details are different.

      --- John Hoyle <limabean@...> wrote:
      > Is it fair to assume that the first case of
      > religious genocide in this
      > century occurred, not to the Jews of eastern Europe,
      > but to the Armenian
      > Christians of Turkey? Also, can anyone tell me if
      > those martyrs were also
      > Orthodox, like the bulk of religious martyrs under
      > Communism?
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