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1764[orthodox-synod] Re: Auschwitz

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  • PWRBarrett@aol.com
    Feb 7, 2000
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      In a message dated 2/7/2000 2:13:47 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      malloy.2@... writes:

      << I think William Jefferson Clinton FAILED any history courses he took!

      Don't forget the Serbs and their holy places let alone the theft of
      their own country by NATO last year. >>

      I doubt whether he actually failed any courses in school; he's done
      far worse than that -- failed in real life. Don't forget that our
      immoral and illegal occupation of Yugoslavia continues, and that
      over 700 Serbs and Montenegrins have been killed since the
      "peacekeepers" arrived.

      What a travesty.


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