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17601Re: The MP, the ROCOR and ecumenism

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  • Aleksandr Andreev
    Aug 7 8:26 PM
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      "Vova H" writes:
      "The one thing you can say about the Romanovs, since the accession of
      Mikhail Feodorovich, is that they have gone out of their way to ruthlessly
      suppress and exterminate Russia's native populations, they just haven't been
      terribly successful at it."

      Please present evidence to back up this statement.

      The only group that has been "suppressed" as government policy were the
      Old-Believers, primarily for political reasons, because the Russian government
      perceived them as a security threat. At one point, that perception was
      justified, given that many Old-Believer groups were opposed to the government.
      However, under Nicholas II, that policy was reversed.

      No "native populations" in Imperial Russia were ever "suppressed", much less
      "exterminated", as our interlocutor claims. There were no reservations, there
      was no analogue to "Indian wars", there were no exterminations, and there were
      no forced conversions to or from a religion. Those ethnic groups which
      converted to Orthodoxy, like the Mordva, Ossetiny, &c, did so of free will.
      Those who remained Muslim, Buddhist, or pagan, did so freely. Hence, Russia
      still has substantial Muslim, Buddhist, and pagan populations.

      The seiges of Khiva and Boukhara under Aleksandr II were political
      moves, aimed
      at counterbalancing growing British influence in Central Asia. Note that the
      Khans of Khiva and Boukhara remained in power, simply reckognizing the
      authority of St Petersburg, and that the populations remained Muslim.

      As for the war in the Caucasus, ask any Ossetin or Ingush about the Chechens.
      There was no Russian policy to exterminate Chechens, only a policy to defend
      innocent people (many of them non-ethnic Russian) from ruthless bums.

      Most (if not all) of the ethnic problems in modern Russia are the creation of
      Lenin, Stalin, and communist ethnic ideology.

      On Russian relations with ethnic minorities, I recommend reading N. Ya.
      Danilevskiy, Rossiya i Evropa.


      Aleksandr A Andreev
      Duke University
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