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17558Re: The MP, the ROCOR and ecumenism

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    Aug 1, 2006
      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Woodson" <singingmountains@...>

      > In fact, it seems that ROCOR hierarchs were holding out hope that the
      > Communists would be overthrown after WWII, and when it did not happen,
      > by 1948, Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville was established,
      > according to St. John's history, p. 56.

      JRS: Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville was not founded in 1948, but in 1930.

      The monks who founded the monastery (Frs. Panteleimon [Nizhnik], Joseph [Kolos] and
      hierodeacon Konstantin [Szwed] had not been happy with the monastic life at St. Tikhon's
      monastery in So. Canaan PA, and since land at that time was inexpensive in rural New York
      State, they bought 600 acres in Jordanville, NY.

      After the end of World War II, the brotherhood of St. Job of Pochaev, which had been
      displaced from its home between the wars at Ladomirovo in the Carpathians, relocated to

      In 1948, Holy Trinity Seminary was established at the monastery.

      > "Strict Orthodox ecclesiological grounds" had no meaning in the Soviet
      > MP of 1948. It is only smoke.

      JRS: We are not living in 1948. This is 2006.

      If we could choose what year to live in, I am sure many people would migrate further back
      than 1948...

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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