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17094The Real Enemy of Russia

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  • singingmountains
    Jul 2, 2006
      The interfax report voices the will of the Russian government, saying
      what is not true to try to make it true, that is, that the MP and
      ROCOR have agreed on all points despite the ecumenism differences,
      among others, like unrepentant idolatry of state. And, the will of
      the Russian government has become overly concentrated again, trying to
      reform into the monolithic hope of the Russian people. It nationalizes
      industries, commandeers governorships, arrests industrialists and
      leaves the murders of journalists unsolved. The same propagandistic
      goat-rope games that the Soviet regime used to employ at home versus
      abroad, are now being employed against the ROCOR abroad while
      contradictory things are trumpeted at home by the MP's well-controlled

      How could the Russian regime do this? Aren't the Soviets dead?
      "You're living in the 1950's," we are told. And, the allegation that
      the Western economic reforms were a failure is bandied about as a
      quasi-communist argument for a religio-communism or centralism in
      Russia. Western greed is blamed for Eastern misfortune, whereas the
      blame for the flight of capital from Russia was in the hearts of those
      who took it away from their home because they'd ceased believing in
      the governing authorities. Why? Because they'd spent their
      effectiveness in trying to take over the world -- i.e. financing every
      would-be Soviet satellite until the Soviet treasury broke.

      It's worse. We're living in the 21st century, and that is why the
      1950's behavior coming out of the Russian executive is so bizarre,
      combined as it is with the last two decades in which the massive
      underground to the USSR brokeout above ground and staked its claims in
      the new frontier. The Russian underground was a Soviet creation,
      intended and not, and it financed the fleeing oligarchs.

      Some oligarchs made deals with the RF government and bought
      preferential treatment in exchange for help. The same would give
      counsel in affairs of state, such as the reunification issue
      discussed, failing to disclose their preferential treatment in the RF.

      Or has anyone forgotten that most reputable banks here in the US, at
      the direction of the US gov, including the Bank of NY, had to drop
      large Russian national account holders for inability to verify lack of
      money laundering, i.e. doing the right thing by cutting off the easy
      illegitimate outflow of Russian capital accumulated and exported from
      Russia via legal but untaxed, and illegal, enterprises?

      Or, how the Dutch Bank AMBAmbro took on those accounts to make a
      killing, so to speak, and how that landed them in a pickle with bank

      And so when you look at the enemies of Russia, rather than going back
      to the 1950s as the Putin regime is doing and blaming the US, blame
      the same people who ran the Russian people into the ground and then
      blamed their younger, stronger folks for joining the underground (kind
      of gives "we will bury you" a new meaning).

      And now Interfax has done the Moscow Patriarchate officials'
      repentance for them. The Russian Federation press has the power to
      absolve all sins of the past and present by simply printing that they
      are resolved now by agreement with the one legitimizing body that has
      staunchly demanded repentance of the MP all of these years. If they
      will just roll over and get out of the way, the MP can be a useful arm
      of the Russian state again. This is the spiritual equivalent of money

      And yet the simple issue beneath all of this is spiritual, isn't it?

      It is: how can the people of Russia repent if their spiritual leaders
      cannot or will not show them the way?

      The implication of a negative answer to this is: they will not. Why?
      Because the Russian people have learned to follow central authority
      over time, no matter what it does to them and how many times. There
      are exceptions to this, and this itself is a passion that leads the
      Russian people toward slavery again.

      I do not subscribe to the adage, once a slave, always a slave.
      Instead, why not let the people of Russia face the world and overcome
      it with the Orthodox faith alone, rather than with the falsely
      spiritual power of the state behind them? Western churches could
      answer the same question by substituting power of the state with
      "power of the dollar."

      Money and power or power and money, these are the things of mammon,
      not of God. Don't be fooled by them. East and West, as if a choice
      of extremes, don't be fooled by that, either. The Orthodox way is a
      line drive down the middle, like a perfect kayak ride over a Russian
      river, or, like a strong RBI batted to centerfield on an American
      baseball field that smells of fresh grass and dirt.

      What will happen to Russia if the ROCOR abandons it spiritually by
      legitimizing its spiritual leaders who have not repented and therefore
      are not spiritual yet in the sense of "restored to spirituality" per
      the epistle of Jude?

      I can hazard a guess only. The much diffuse pride you see in the US,
      the kind that never wants to admit all of its sins, will become
      centralized in Russia. When pride centralizes, the shedding of blood
      is not far away. Shall we praise this as what caused the martyrdoms
      of the past in Russia, producing great saints? We certainly should if
      we believe in suicide as a virtue. For there is no difference in that
      collective approach and an individual convicted of his or her sins,
      committing suicide as redress for them rather than waiting on God.

      At that point, we will have succeeded in turning Russia into fuedal
      Japan, albeit, with a different form of imperial slavery for its
      people. At that point, saying they're not Soviets anymore will not
      have much meaning.

      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "myhrr101" <myhrr101@...> wrote:
      > And still it rolls on regardless...
      > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
      > -----------
      > Commissions of Moscow Patriarchate and Russian Church Outside Russia
      > agree upon all points of Act of Restoration of Canonical Unity
      > http://www.interfax-religion.com/?act=news&div=1640
      > Moscow, June 29, Interfax – The negotiation commissions of the
      > Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Church Outside Russia have
      > agreed upon all the questions involved in the Act of the Restoration
      > of Canonical Unity, which is to define the basic points of a new
      > status of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) as a
      > self-governed part of the one Russian Church.
      > The secretary of the Moscow Patriarchate commission, Archpriest
      > Nikolay Balashov, has reported this to Interfax as the outcome of a
      > three-day meeting of the commissions, which completed their work on
      > Wednesday in Moscow.
      > `The commission considered steps to be taken next towards the
      > restoration of church unity' the priest said.
      > He also said the commissions studied the proposals of the ROCOR
      > Bishops' Synod concerning the finalizing of the draft Act on
      > Canonical Unity, which was approved by the Synod on the whole.
      > `Common decisions have been negotiated and adopted by the
      > commissions to be then submitted to the Synods', the agency's
      > interlocutor has reported.
      > The final approval of the Act by the Synods in Moscow and New York
      > will signify the restoration of canonical unity and Eucharistic
      > communion between the Church in Russia and the part of the Russian
      > Diaspora which separated from it eight decades ago.
      > The session of the Russian Orthodox Church Holy Synod is expected to
      > consider the revised draft in July, and the Synod of the Church
      > Outside Russia will probably meet in September in New York.
      > Father Nikolay did not exclude the need for the commissions to meet
      > again in order to discuss details before the final adoption of the
      > Act, but at the same time said, `I have got an impression that the
      > dialogue with the Church Outside Russia is approaching the happy
      > end. The main part of the road has been already traversed'.
      > ......................................
      > --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, michael nikitin
      > <nikitinmike@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Fr.Elias, what has changed in the MP since 2001 to make the MP
      > > the "historic Russian Mother Church"?
      > >
      > > "Opponents to the latest Council of Bishops are trying to show
      > that the "new course" of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of
      > Russia lies in the recognition of the Moscow Patriarchate as
      > the "Mother Church". First, the _expression "Mother-Church" is
      > nowhere to be found in the conciliar resolutions and Epistles of the
      > Council of 2000. Second, it is completely absurd for the Russian
      > Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, founded in 1920 in accordance
      > with Holy Patriarch Tikhon's Ukase, to consider the Moscow
      > Patriarchate its Mother Church. The Moscow Patriarchate was
      > unlawfully founded an entire seven years later in 1927 after the
      > usurpation of the lawful Church Authority by Metropolitan Sergius,
      > the Deputy to the Locum Tenens to the Patriarchal Throne. At that
      > time he issued the infamous "Declaration" of the Church's complete
      > loyalty to the godless Soviet State.The Russian Orthodox Church
      > Outside of Russia has always refused to consider the new church
      > structure created by Metropolitan? Sergius to be lawful and
      > canonical; it refuses this to this very day. How can our Church
      > consider the hierarchal structure created by Metropolitan?Sergius to
      > be canonical, when a number of the Moscow Patriarchate's best church
      > historians themselves refer to Metropolitan Sergius' authority
      > as "non-canonical" (see the Acts of Holy Patriarch Tikhon published
      > by the Saint Tikhon Theological Institute in Moscow)?
      > >
      > > For the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia the Mother Church
      > > always was and always will be the historical Local Russian Orthodox
      > > Church in Her fullness. The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of
      > > Russia has always considered itself to be merely the free part of
      > > the Russian Orthodox Church."
      > > http://www.wadiocese.com/eng/Document/2001pastoralconf.html
      > >
      > > Fr.Elia does not agree with Holy Metr.Philaret?
      > > http://metphilaret.homestead.com/philaret.html
      > >
      > > Michael N
      > >
      > > Elias G Gorsky <elias.gorsky@> wrote:
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