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16922Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: Former OCA clergy will they be accepted in the Moscow Patriarchate

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  • DDD
    Jun 5, 2006
      "Michael Nikitin" wrote:

      Would going to confession make one more worthy to partake of Holy Communion?

      � When is one ever worthy to partake of the Holy Mysteries? I feel I am never
      � worthy.

      � I don't believe our clergy mock or abuse confession, because they don't go
      � to confessio n each time they partake of the Holy Mysteries.

      Though one may never be "worthy" in the absolute sense, of course confessing one's sins makes one *more* worthy to partake of Holy Communion. It is a given that preparation for receiving the Body and Blood of Christ involves repentance for one's sins. And the way we repent is to confess our sins.

      However, that is not even what I was pointing out, and which you are trying to get around: HTC (and maybe Brookline in general) has the practice of *group absolution,* where the people do NOT *confess* their sins to the priest but the priest still gives the *absolution*. That is abuse and a mockery of confession. In this way, it is possible to receive Communion for a very long time without ever confessing one's sins. One may not ever be completely worthy, even *with* confession, but *without* confession of sins, one is simply ignoring one's sins and becoming liable to condemnation.

      I stand my ground on this--the Brookline practice of giving absolution without confession of sins is an aberration and an abuse.

      See further: St. Innocent of Moscow: "What is Necessary for a Saving Confession?" Step 4: "4) It is necessary to reveal your sins properly and without any concealment. Some say, "For what reason should I reveal my sins to Him Who knows all of our secrets?" Certainly God knows all of our sins, but the **Church, which has the power from God to forgive and absolve sins, cannot know them, and for this reason She cannot, without confession, pronounce Her absolution." ** (emphasis mine)

      and, from the wonderful book by Archimandrite Seraphim Aleksiev "The Forgotten Medicine: The Mystery of Repentance":

      "A further objection is why bother going when you are only going to have the prayer of absolution read to you, and not to truly confess. This is a sacrilegious abuse of Confession, and the priest himself must take the responsibility of refusing to read the prayer of absolution.... We cannot receive absolution unless we openly confess our sins. "

      Can anything be clearer?

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