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  • Stephen/Στέφανος
    May 31, 2006
      What a very ethnocentric, bigoted and "westo-centric" (occidocentirc?)
      comment: «the Greeks aren't even remotely aware of the western
      saints. The Russians usually are». How many Greek and Eastern
      Saints are not known in the West??? The Greeks do know a lot more
      Western Saints than you think, and they are learning more. A Greek
      Bishop translated the lives of many pre-schism British Saints into Greek
      some thirty years ago! I am sure there are many other such books.
      Also, St. Seraphim of Sarov and many other non-Greek Saints are very
      popular in Greece amongst pious Greeks.

      a Greek

      antiquariu@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 5/31/2006 10:41:07 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      > moserd@... writes:
      > --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, " Ferrari" <flue@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I'm looking for an icon of Saint Florian. I don't know what his name
      > is in
      > > greek or russian.
      > All I can think of would be the two saints Florus and Laurus. They
      > are usually depicted together. Florus often comes through "Flor" in
      > Russians (Fr Flor was the monastic companion of Metr Laurus - they
      > both entered the monastery at the same time as young men and were
      > tonsured together. Fr Flor is presently an archimandrite at Holy
      > Trinity Monastery).
      > Archpr David Moser
      > St Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox Church (ROCOR)
      > Father, bless! a little bit more on this interesting saint, but I
      > would
      > venture to say that S. Florus is not S. Florian. The Florian legend
      > is fairly
      > important in the early western Church, and most of the western
      > children named
      > after him follow the intentional tradition of a different saint.
      > Written testimony about the Florian legend dates back to his death in
      > 304,
      > and come in many different forms. All of them contain one item, how
      > the young
      > boy Florian prevented a house fire with a small pitcher of water. Since
      > that time, he has been considered the patron saint of firefighters in
      > most of
      > Europe, to include Poland and western Ukraine.
      > Florian was martyred under Diocletian and Maximin, by having a millstone
      > placed around his neck and being thrown into the Enns River (now
      > Austria).
      > Aquilinus was Governor in Lauriacum (Lorch, Upper Aurtia) in the 3rd
      > century, and
      > sought to establish his administrative skills by thoroughly searching
      > out
      > secret Christians. Upon the finding of a large group of Christians
      > and their
      > locking up, his former administrative chief, Florian, who resided in
      > the area
      > now known as St Polten, went to Lorch and acknowledged that he too was a
      > Christian.
      > A strong-wiled Germanic tribesman, Florian persisted in his witness even
      > after his shoulder blades had been shattered by torture, and this is
      > why he was
      > thrown into the Enns. The soldier giving him the final push went
      > blind, and
      > remained that way for years. This is affirmed in the martyrologies
      > written
      > by SS Jerome, Alcuin and Notker. According to the same sources, an
      > unseen
      > hand (or angels in some) parted the waves and placed the body on a
      > cliff.
      > Suddenly an eagle with its wings folded to make a cross appeared and
      > stood guard
      > over the corpse until his widow, Valeria, appeared. Valeria, also a
      > believer,
      > concealed the corpse beneath a pile of beech tree detritus until she
      > was abe
      > to have him buried in a Christian fashion.
      > As far as finding an icon, a cursory glance at E-Bay Germany or Austria
      > would probably be in order, since the local church tradition had the
      > reverse
      > icons or votives painted on glass, actually the verso of the sheet.
      > In German,
      > the search concept for E-Bay would be
      > Hinterglasmalerei
      > Sankt Florian
      > St Florian
      > Have fun, he's a great saint. See, they aren't all Russian or Greek, and
      > frequently, the Greeks aren't even remotely aware of the western
      > saints. The
      > Russians usually are, if you can get an iconographer from Danilevsky
      > Val. I
      > just had a wonderful icon painted of St Walburga, a Saxon saint who
      > with her
      > brother Willibald and Wunibald was instrumental in converting the
      > pagan Saxons
      > and bringing the western Slavs to Christianity. Sergiev Posad did in
      > fact
      > have a podlinnik of this interesting saint, which matched the 11th
      > century
      > original maintained at her burialplace, from where I happen to be
      > writing today.
      > Cheers,
      > Vova Hindrichs
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